Why Internet Innovation is Dead

  As lawmakers begin to regulate online companies, what does this mean for innovation and creativity on the Internet? Twenty-five years ago I landed my first job in IT working for an Internet service provider [..]

Designing modules in a Puppet 4 world

Puppet 4.0 has been around for a while now, and most of it’s language features have been around even longer using the future parser option in later versions of the 3.x series. Good module design [..]

Using data schemas with Jerakia 0.5

Introduction In my previous posts I introduced and talked about a new data lookup tool called Jerakia.   I also recently gave a talk at Config Management Camp in February about it. This week saw the release of version [..]

Extending Jerakia with lookup plugins

Introduction In my last post, I introduced Jerakia as a data lookup engine for Puppet, and other tools. We looked out how to use lookup policies to get around complex requirements and edge cases including [..]