Part 1: Installing puppet 2.6.1 on CentOS with YUM/RPM

Installing Puppetmaster 2.6.1

Assuming, like me, the thought of letting rubygems vommit all over your filesystem is not a pleasant one, then how to get the latest puppet 2.6.1 installed on CentOS 5.5 with yum isn’t very clear. Things may differ on other peoples systems, but the below worked for me.

Set up yum repositories.

Do this on both the client and the server
Add the following files and save them to /etc/yum.repos.d/




Note that we include ruby and puppetlabs as the next steps in this tutorial will be to configure puppet and install puppet-dashboard. We want to upgrade to ruby 1.8.6 in order to run puppet-dashboard, doing this now will save you some pain down the line.

Upgrade Ruby to 1.8.6

Do this on both the client and the server
As mentioned above, use the ruby repo to upgrade.

Install Puppet Server

On your puppetmaster server:

On your puppet client

That’s it, in part 2 and 3 we will install our client and server and install dashboard.

Part 2 Configuring Puppetmaster and Puppetd

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