About Craig



Craig is a seasoned IT veteran with over 20 years working in the IT industry. He began his career in the early days of the Internet working for various ISP’s in the UK and now specialises in automation and configuration management.    Craig has been a Puppet user since 2008 and has helped numerous organisations implement Puppet to automate their infrastructures, including IPC Media, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Fidelity Investments and more.   He joined Puppet Labs in 2012 as a Professional Services Engineer providing consultancy and training courses world-wide.   Since leaving Puppet Labs, Craig founded Enviatics and delivers Puppet consulting services throughout Europe.

Craig is a well known member of the Puppet open source community and has talked previously at conferences about his design paradigm known as “roles and profiles” and maintains a variety of open source projects around Puppet and other DevOps tools.

Craig is a Puppet Certified Professional.


Craig is available for short or long term Puppet consulting engagements throughout Europe.  Please contact craig@craigdunn.org with details of potential project work for an estimate on rates.


Craig is a highly experienced trainer and is currently developing a comprehensive online self-paced training course, Power Puppet.   See http://learn.enviatics.com for more information on the online course or send an email to enquire about live on-site training.


  • Designing Puppet, Roles and Profiles.  Puppet Camp Stockholm 2012 [ video | slides ]
  • Advanced Puppet Design.  Puppet Camp Berlin 2014 [ video | slides ]
  • Solving real world problems with Jerakia, Config Management Camp, Ghent, 2016 [slides ]



Feel free to contact Craig directly regarding any of the open source projects he is involved with, or to discuss consultancy or training opportunities using any of the methods below.